The lead vs. the person: the art of building trust and loyalty [webinar recording]

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We had an amazing webinar with Max Pigman, VP of®, about personalizing the relationship with real estate leads. As consumers are well past being susceptible to placing their trust in someone who does not show genuine interest, we explored how successful agents are incorporating their own personal care into communications that are nonetheless timed and organized by systems.

Here are some useful links to use to download some of the real estate tools we shared:

Lead vs Person webinar

… and to drive some more leads based on the type of customer you are looking for



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What you will learn in this webinar: 

How much of your communication should be automated response — good and bad examples.

Segmentation techniques to give attention to those likely to respond.

Your best five calls to make, based on a first look at Top Producer’s new customer sorting.

Automation to keep communications short, plentiful, personal and meaningful.

This webinar is sponsored by Thank you, Max! We look forward to more real estate education soon!