Too Busy To Blog? Pay Someone To Do It For You

Too busy to maintain your real estate blog?

Have trouble coming up with new content for your blog?

Just plain lazy?

K2 Bloggers is a service that will blog for you. For a fee, of course….

Finding this site kind of saddens me. But honestly, it doesn’t surprise me. It was only a matter of time before the snake oil salesmen and hustlers of this world found blogs and started to push them being as the next big thing.

The only thing sadder is that I’m sure there will be Realtors out there who buy this service.

But hey, on the other hand, if you’re blogging already and are looking to make a few extra bucks…

Currently we are looking for professional bloggers who are familiar with the real estate market or are willing to stretch their writing skills into new markets.

Ugh. Sad. From the same guys who brought you MyRealtyBlog.