Windermere's Property Point hits a home run

I’m with Dustin and Greg. Windermere’s new Property Point 3 real estate search mashup is a real winner. It reminds me a lot of Atlas, which I wrote about back in June.


I love Property Point’s AJAX refreshing of search results and tabbed interface. The user interface is intuitive and easy to use; the design and color scheme is very pleasing on the eyes and nicely supports Windermere’s corporate branding. I did find switching between the zoom and the drag movement was a little kludgey, I’ve yet to see any of the Google mashups implement Google Maps scroll wheel support which would make this transition much smoother. And right now, saving a search takes you off to another section of their site and resets your search criteria if you hit the back. I expect this will be fixed once the site moves out of Beta however.

Redfin best be on the lookout, the lead it enjoyed with its map search interface is rapidly evaporating as the big brokers revamp their sites to meet the Real Estate 2.0 challenge.