Zillow is One of the Top Marketers of 2006

With all the scrutiny it has been under lately, Zillow could use some good news. That’s why it’s great to hear Zillow was named as one of AdvertisingAge’s “Marketing 50”.

The marketers behind these products broke through the clutter and delivered real impact (and ROI) for their brands.

Other faves on the list Crocs (wear ’em), Trader Joe’s (great snacks), An Inconvenient Truth (saw Gore speak live last month) and Stormhoek (drank it at the Portland Geek Dinner).

Some surprising names on the list too, namely K-Y Touch Massage and the Pussycat Dolls. You can catch the whole report here.

Zillow is definitely deserving of this honor. They’ve taken a relatively obscure function (home appraisals) and made it the subject of water cooler conversations across the nation. All in less than six months. No matter where you stand on the issue of a Zestimates’ accuracy, that’s a remarkable achievement.

Congratulations to all the folks at Zillow.