Companies can show borrowers how their mortgages will adjust over time, compare different loan products
by Amy Tankersley Dec 14
Mastering a few tasks is better than barely learning a bunch
by Tim & Julie Harris Jun 18
Despite rise of fixed-rate option, some borrowers may be better suited to adjustable product
by Tom Kelly Aug 8
An industry at the crossroads
by Jack Guttentag Jul 30
An industry at the crossroads
by Jack Guttentag Jul 16
Homeowner fears rate could adjust above 9%
by Benny Kass Oct 13
Some disagree with the practice, but there are benefits
by Jack Guttentag Aug 25
Decline in refis drives 1.5% drop for week
by Inman Aug 20
Problem was too many borrowers exploited minimum payments
by Tom Kelly Jul 16
New legislation may hurt consumers more than it helps
by Tom Kelly Jul 9
Survey: Costs on ARM loans post largest gains
by Inman May 28
Survey: ARM share increases despite higher loan fees
by Inman May 21
30-year fixed rate at 5.8%; 10-year Treasury yield at 3.81%
by Inman May 16
Expectation that inflation will moderate keeps rates from rising
by Inman May 15
Brighter economic news prevents steep rate-drop
by Inman May 8