It’s normal for successful agents to plateau and get bored. Brokers should prepare a wide range of suggestions based on the weary agent’s unique personality and concerns
by Anthony Askowitz | Jun 18
Broker transitions are handled best in cases where office owners are consistently present and trustworthy
by Anthony Askowitz | May 21
Brokerages should support local charities, but if agents are asked to commit financially, they should have a say. One way to avoid problems is to have several charities agents can choose from
by Anthony Askowitz | Apr 16
Brokers can help their agents by encouraging the pursuit of interesting and creative continuing education courses
by Anthony Askowitz | Mar 19
Great partnerships often develop when agents have complementary skills and talents, rather than overlapping ones, even if both are highly successful
by Anthony Askowitz | Feb 19
Seasoned real estate brokers Anthony Askowitz and Felicia Hengle join Joe Rand onstage to spill the best-kept secrets in the industry 
by Inman | Feb 13
Two brokers tell agents to look beyond the commission splits when choosing the right brokerage
by Marian McPherson | Jan 29
It's nice for brokerages to celebrate birthdays at monthly get-togethers, but it's important to be inclusive
by Anthony Askowitz | Jan 15
It's always tempting to hire a hot agent from another company, but brokers need to be very careful when that agent competes directly with an existing top producer already in their office
by Anthony Askowitz | Dec 18
Here's one way to handle this very important and personal decision
by Anthony Askowitz | Nov 20
Transitions can be challenging even under the best of circumstances, but here's how to handle a situation where agents feel their opinions aren't as valued as they should be
by Anthony Askowitz | Oct 16
Agents should insist on setting the best price before agreeing to terms with sellers and 'cut bait' when the advice on pricing goes ignored for too long
by Anthony Askowitz | Sep 17
Sometimes smart real estate customers feel more entitled to reduced commissions from their real estate agents, but agents can hold firm by educating buyers and sellers
by Anthony Askowitz | Aug 21
There are plenty of strategies agents and brokers can put in place to ensure steady streams of business
by Anthony Askowitz | Jul 17
Brokers should create an atmosphere where safety is the top priority and reinforced with frequent reminders and qualified training
by Anthony Askowitz | Jun 19