Anthony's Stories

There are plenty of strategies agents and brokers can put in place to ensure steady streams of business
Jul 17
Brokers should create an atmosphere where safety is the top priority and reinforced with frequent reminders and qualified training
Jun 19
Although it is each agent’s responsibility to keep up with industry technology, the broker can create workshops to help educate those who feel left behind
May 15
How both parties should behave in a welcome-back situation
Apr 17
Agents should be mindful of obvious warning signs that buyers are pursuing homes they can’t afford
Mar 19
If tangible results come from groundbreaking ideas, the broker should fully support the ambitions of the agent
Feb 12
Companies should evolve with the times, but the logo should remain consistent as a touchpoint for consumers
Jan 29
Real estate is an industry that allows for career flexibility, especially with recent changes in society and technology
Dec 22