Even if tight inventory begins to ease up, we’re still likely to see continued price appreciation, company says
by Amy Tankersley | Oct 6
September sales may not be enough to recoup August’s losses, but sluggish sales may just be a temporary blip on the radar, according to the Nowcast
by Amy Tankersley | Sep 29
Despite slight setback in August, pending home sales have now increased year-over-year for 12 consecutive months
by Amy Tankersley | Sep 28
Single-family homes had highest sales in August since 2008, but housing starts are still sluggish
by Amy Tankersley | Sep 24
International cash buyers and FHA loans fuel double-digit percentage spikes in sales of single-family homes and condos in some cities
by Amy Tankersley | Sep 23
Zillow’s latest Real Estate Market Report finds that homes on the East Coast and in the Midwest continue to lose value, while other markets are seeing double-digit growth
by Amy Tankersley | Sep 22
Economists aren’t sweating a potential rate hike heading into winter season, either
by Amy Tankersley | Sep 21
Here's what to expect after the Dow drops 1,000 points
by Brad Inman | Aug 23
Industry leader cajoles agents to use technology, proffers warnings about Internet marketplace and emphasizes leads as road to success
by Inman | Aug 20
Jump equates to a 23 percent increase from 2Q 2014
by Erik Pisor | Aug 14
Behavioral finance index indicates good things for the real estate industry
by Erik Pisor | Aug 10