Seattle-based regional bank HomeStreet reportedly up for sale
Regional banks have largely weathered the crisis fueled by this year's failures of Silicon Valley Bank, Signature Bank and First Republic Bank by pursuing mergers and boosting deposits through 3rd-party brokers
by Matt Carter Aug 3
Good news about economy could send mortgage rates back up
Surprising employment and GDP numbers have investors buying stocks and selling bonds over worries that Fed policymakers will continue hiking rates to combat inflation
by Matt Carter Jun 29
Jumbo mortgage rates rise as lenders pull back
Rates for mortgages backed by Fannie and Freddie continue to ease despite tough talk on inflation from Fed Chair Jerome Powell, but liquidity issues put pressure on bigger loans
by Matt Carter Jun 21
Ongoing doubts about soundness of regional banks rattle investors
Shares in regional banks PacWest Bancorp and Western Alliance Bancorp tumble, and TD Bank Group and First Horizon Corp. announce they're pulling out of a merger
by Matt Carter May 4
Here's your bank failure explainer as House hearings approach
Not sure how to talk about recent bank failures with your clients? Want to know what's happening next? Here's your guide to SVB, Signature and the upcoming House hearings
by Eric Bramlett Mar 23
Flagstar Bank takes over Signature Bank's retail branches
$2.7B deal does not include about $4B in crypto-related deposits held by the former Signature Bank's digital-assets banking business, according to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp
by Matt Carter Mar 20
FDIC sees warning signs at 1 in 10 insured institutions
by Inman Aug 31
416 banks on FDIC 'problem list'
by Inman Aug 27
Silverton Bank failure could have regional repercussions
by Inman May 1
FDIC provides 'assistance,' says bank didn't fail
by Inman Sep 29
FDIC warns of more bank failures
by Inman Sep 5
Bair warns banks to expect premium increase
by Matt Carter Sep 5