The more a buyer is educated about the ins and outs of a transaction, the more comfortable they'll be with bumps in the road
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Working with a team is as much of an exercise in self-improvement, commitment to excellence and accountability for the team leader as it is for members on the team
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It's not as easy as it looks on TV
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Contingency clauses are there to protect buyers and shouldn't be dropped lightly. Here's how agents can help advise clients navigating the tricky situations that offer-sweeteners can create
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Senior Fellow Stephen Brobeck argues that Florida broker Cara Ameer did not address the two central questions raised by the Consumer Federation of America's report
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From personal health and spending more time with family to finally clinching that big break, here are the goals luxury real estate agents are striving for in 2022
Educating and empowering clients will lead sellers to being comfortable with making good decisions and hopefully generating some more inventory in this challenging market. Here are a few questions they'll most likely be asking you — and how to expertly answer them
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