Troy's Stories

Are some of the biggest teams in the industry really brokerages or teamerages (or vice versa) and how does that affect the way they’re ranked? Before the 2023 rankings come out, let's get this figured out
Dec 20
Find out how Lancaster, California, agent Christina 'Queen' Stratford learned that staying positive and connected is a winning combination
Nov 28
If you’re brokerage shopping for 2023, this may be the perfect time to plan your change and execute on it. Here’s the way to do it right and ensure the change is a positive one
Nov 15
As Redfin winds down its operations, Opendoor and Offerpad are the last ones left for the most part — and they're both struggling. Was iBuying a flash in the pan or is everyone simply looking in the wrong direction?
Nov 10
While mortgage companies go all-in on layoffs and bemoan the state of the industry, they’re failing to provide truly helpful solutions that would reassure buyers and get them into homes
Oct 18
If you’re treating all of your social profiles the same, you’re missing out on the unique advantages LinkedIn offers
Oct 11
A solutions-oriented approach is essential to help buyers and sellers get their deals done in the current higher interest rate environment
Sep 22
You may think of it exclusively in terms of its pre-listing potential, but professional photography or videography could be a lifesaver for your clients in the years to come
Sep 16