Troy's Stories

Now’s the time to get creative and adjust to the current environment. Don’t be afraid to partner up and embrace new technology to better serve your market
Mar 26
COVID-19 disruptions expose an uncomfortable truth — many brokers are not prepared for changes to business as usual. What can you do to build resilience into your brokerage? 
Mar 17
A cautionary tale exemplifies the importance of vetting sellers to determine if they'll be willing clients or a huge headache
Mar 12
Whether you don't have a CRM, aren't using it or want to get more out of it, here is a quick and effective method for compiling a solid list of contacts — plus a few tips on expanding on your SOI
Mar 5
It can happen to the best of us. I know because it happened to me
Feb 27
If your listing is not dialed in, buyers will notice
Feb 20
Agent appreciation month is over, let’s treat the staff
Feb 13
As they say, an image is worth a thousand words
Feb 6