Christy Murdock's Stories

How does the code of ethics inform the way that you approach your marketing strategies and platforms?
Feb 11
Find out how once boring suburban enclaves are becoming the new centers of the Millennial universe
Feb 10
Find out how powerhouse New York City real estate broker and television personality Ryan Serhant has parlayed his personal brand into a burgeoning media empire
Feb 5
In her recent TEDx Talk, branding expert Stacey Ross Cohen explained that personal branding starts from birth. Find out how your personal brand — starting with your name — can help you make the first impression you want with clients and colleagues
Feb 4
It might sound like a great deal for your weekend warrior clients, but some properties just aren’t worth the price. Here’s what to watch out for
Feb 3
For Southern California broker Troy Palmquist, your output is only as good as your input
Jan 27
It’s a tough skill to learn, but setting your boundaries with a polite — but firm — 'No' is an essential way to control your time, energy and professional life
Jan 22
Money, satisfaction, enjoyment: Here’s how to get more of everything you’re looking for from your job
Jan 15