Christy's Stories

Like many online platforms, the past year has been a time of innovation and development for Homesnap. Find out how to put these new features to work for your business and what the company is rolling out later this month
Sep 20
Market your services in a whole new way when you make Redfin your referral partner
Sep 13 keeps innovating and developing as a more relevant and tech-friendly platform. Here's what real estate agents need to know to stay ahead of the curve
Sep 7
Find out how luxury real estate specialist Neal Oates Jr. developed a cutting-edge global brand through good old-fashioned respect
Sep 6
Find out how South Florida's Ricardo Wolf learned that it's not always who you know — it's what you know
Aug 23
Whether they’re ready to spend their quarantine savings or are restarting an abandoned home search, here’s how to talk to these eager buyers
Aug 10
According to a recent BoxBrownie study, most real estate listings suffer from one thing: a lack of good visuals. Whether you're a newbie or a more experienced agent, here are a few tips you need to know about getting listing visuals right
Aug 2
Find out how this Miami luxury team keeps learning through active listening
Aug 2