House, Senate take different approaches on risk retention
by Inman | May 21
Consumer protection agency would draft new appraisal rules
by Inman | Dec 11
Agency would draft new requirements
by Matt Carter | Oct 23
Agents, brokers exempted from consumer agency's oversight
by Matt Carter | Oct 22
Proposed reforms would let states pass tougher laws
by Inman | Oct 1
Real estate brokers would be exempt from purview
by Inman | Sep 23
New agency would have power over mortgage lenders
by Inman | Sep 14
Mortgage disclosures, prepayment penalties eyed
by Jack Guttentag | Aug 3
Vote on Consumer Financial Protection Agency pushed back
by Inman | Jul 22
Lines drawn in battle over proposed regulatory reform
by Inman | Jul 7
HUD still plans to implement new GFE Jan. 1
by Matt Carter | Jun 30