New guidelines take effect March 1
by Inman | Feb 4
Homeowners often still liable for injuries, property damage until bank takes title
by Benny Kass | Jan 22
Separate reviews not required for short sales, deeds in lieu of foreclosure
by Inman | Oct 31
Settlement provides help to 137,846 borrowers in 4 months
by Inman | Sep 4
Consider Starker exchange, land-sales contract for dilapidated rental
by Benny Kass | Apr 17
If sale brings surplus, second lender has rights
by Benny Kass | Sep 20
Don't get stuck paying surprise $500 fee
by Benny Kass | Apr 26
Be careful if you've got multiple loans on home
by Benny Kass | Feb 22
WaysHome dramatizations let distressed owners play out options
by Inman | Jan 6
Some say potential for disaster is too high to justify
by Benny Kass | Dec 29
New approaches to expediting process
by Steve Bergsman | Sep 3
'Strategic defaults' can lock buyers out of market for 7 years
by Inman | Jun 24
Fannie Mae offers carrot for deed-in-lieu of foreclosure
by Inman | Apr 19