New guidelines take effect March 1
by Inman Feb 4
Homeowners often still liable for injuries, property damage until bank takes title
by Benny Kass Jan 22
Separate reviews not required for short sales, deeds in lieu of foreclosure
by Inman Oct 31
Settlement provides help to 137,846 borrowers in 4 months
by Inman Sep 4
Consider Starker exchange, land-sales contract for dilapidated rental
by Benny Kass Apr 17
If sale brings surplus, second lender has rights
by Benny Kass Sep 20
Don't get stuck paying surprise $500 fee
by Benny Kass Apr 26
Be careful if you've got multiple loans on home
by Benny Kass Feb 22
WaysHome dramatizations let distressed owners play out options
by Inman Jan 6
Some say potential for disaster is too high to justify
by Benny Kass Dec 29
New approaches to expediting process
by Steve Bergsman Sep 3
'Strategic defaults' can lock buyers out of market for 7 years
by Inman Jun 24
Fannie Mae offers carrot for deed-in-lieu of foreclosure
by Inman Apr 19