Mortgage delinquency rates approach pre-pandemic levels
Total delinquency rates dropped 4.2 percent in July, 2.3 percentage points lower than the 6.5 percent observed in July 2020, according to new data released Tuesday by CoreLogic
Home prices climb to 45-year high
US home prices soared 18.1% in August, notching the highest annualized rate of gains since CoreLogic began tallying the data in 1977. But don't expect the dramatic surge to last
Foreclosure rate falls to 22-year low with every US state tallying declines
The foreclosures rate fell to 0.2% in June 2021 from 0.3% the previous year, according to data released Tuesday from property analytics provider CoreLogic
Home price growth soars to an all-time high in July
Home price growth in July soared a record-shattering 18% year over year, the highest price appreciation recorded since CoreLogic began tracking the metric in 1976
Mortgage delinquencies stay low in June: CoreLogic
4.7% of mortgages were in a state of delinquency, unchanged since last month
Delinquency rate hits lowest level seen in a year: CoreLogic
4.7% of mortgages were delinquent in April 2021, a significant drop from the start of the pandemic
Home prices jump a whopping 15.4% in May: CoreLogic
The last time home prices increased by so much was in May 2005, according to the latest CoreLogic Home Price Index report released on Tuesday
Average homeowner gained $33,400 in equity last year: CoreLogic
This number represents a 19.6% increase year-over-year, and the highest annual gain in at least a decade
Mortgage delinquency rates continue to improve: CoreLogic
While on the decrease from past months, mortgage delinquencies are still up 1.3 percentage points from last March
Home prices rise by 13% from last year: CoreLogic
This is the third month in a row that home prices across the country have seen double-digit annual growth
While still high, mortgage delinquencies see small decline
5.8% of homeowners fell delinquent on their mortgages in December, compared to 3.7% during the same period in 2019
Home prices skyrocket, surpass all predictions: CoreLogic
Amid the sky-high growth, 76% of U.S. non-homeowners said that they have no plans to buy in the next 6 months
paying mortgage
Nationwide, 6.3% of mortgages were in some state of delinquency in September — up from 3.8% one year earlier, according to the property analytics provider
Home prices continued upward trend in June: CoreLogic
Historically low mortgage rates continue to draw in first-time buyers even amid the difficulties wrought by the pandemic
April delinquency rates soar amid pandemic
Nationwide delinquency rates were at 6.1% in April, signaling a troubling trend ahead