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How cities, businesses and housing markets behave over the next 30 days as the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread will be crucial on the road to recovery
Apr 1
'Once we get to the bottom of this pandemic, there is going to be such a pent-up demand to transact,' Sharif El-Gamal tells The Real Deal
Mar 31
Meant to honor health and emergency workers amid the coronavirus crisis, the latest display of lights at New York City's most iconic property didn't land quite as expected
Mar 31
Home prices rose 3.9% in January, but the data does not take into account the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, which didn't take hold in the US until late February
Mar 31
Only 3 contracts to buy high-end homes were signed last week
Mar 30
The Col. John Barstow house is 380 years old and 17 miles north of Plymouth Rock
Mar 30
As confirmed coronavirus cases rise nationwide, a tiny house can be a refuge from the world — or a place to go stir-crazy at lightning speed
Mar 27
Aaron Kirman real estate agent Dalton Gomez reportedly began dating the pop star several months ago
Mar 25