Existing-home sales inched up 2.6% year-over-year in August, according to data released Thursday
by Patrick Kearns | Sep 19
The National Association of Home Builders' monthly measure of market conditions reached its highest point in 2019 and the highest point since October of last year
by Patrick Kearns | Sep 17
Real estate agents ought to be familiar with the attributes of local housing inventory before anything else
by Teresa Boardman | Aug 15
Half of the experts surveyed by Zillow believe a recession is coming. But only 12% believe it will be due to housing
by Patrick Kearns | Jul 26
The listing portal believes national inventory declines are likely to return and impact buyers
by Patrick Kearns | Jul 9
Builder confidence has remained steady for about 5 months, but new concerns over trade could have an impact
by Patrick Kearns | Jun 17
Warmer weather brings high buyer activity and better offers
by Marian McPherson | May 2
Listing inventory ticked up 5% in December as homes languished for months on average and prices decline
by Patrick Kearns | Jan 3
Existing home sales, housing units authorized (but not yet started) and real disposable personal income will be key indicators
by Andrew Duguay | Nov 30
Home price gains slowed to 5.5% year-over-year
by Patrick Kearns | Nov 27
It's not 2006 again — is it?
by Bernice Ross | Aug 6
There's much to be done 'if the nation is to meet its stated goal of a decent home and suitable living environment for all'
by Lew Sichelman | Jun 20
It’s going to take one major disruption or reversal in the system for things to start sliding back to affordability
by Anna Johansson | Nov 22
In most cases sellers are also buyers, and homeowners fear they won't be able to find another house
by Fabiana Flores Gordon | Oct 25
The recurrent patterns of booms and busts seem to be no more
by Lou Barnes | Oct 23