Most homebuyers forking out big bucks to buy down mortgage rate
While mortgage rates have eased and home prices have fallen in many markets, affordability still has a 'stranglehold on much of the market,' according to research released by Black Knight
by Matt Carter Feb 7
Rates may ease, but affordability tools will still be in demand
Zillow, UWM executives are optimistic mortgage rates will come back down but advised real estate agents at Inman Connect New York on Tuesday to get familiar with affordability tools
by Matt Carter Jan 24
7 tactical marketing strategies to prepare agents for success in 2023
During an Inman Connect panel on Tuesday, social media coach, speaker and foreclosure expert Marki Lemons-Ryhal shared key tips for agents to up their marketing games
by Lillian Dickerson Oct 18
Counteract the latest Fed rate hike with a seller rate buydown
A solutions-oriented approach is essential to help buyers and sellers get their deals done in the current higher interest rate environment
by Troy Palmquist Sep 22
Knock unveils new plan to help homebuyers reduce mortgage rate
Interest-free home equity advances to Knock Home Swap clients can be used to buy down mortgage rate or make a bigger down payment
by Matt Carter Aug 2
Housing affordability races toward levels not seen since 2006 bubble
If mortgage rates rise by another half a percentage point — or if home prices go up another 5% — affordability will hit the worst levels on record, Black Knight warned on Monday
by Matt Carter May 2