Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac boost profits in Q2 despite a slow spring
Mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac continued to grow their net worth as firm home prices and low default rates allowed them to release billions of dollars reserved for losses
by Matt Carter Aug 2
Fannie and Freddie boost profits even as mortgage business tanks
Fannie Mae acquired $68B in single-family mortgages during Q1, the slowest period in more than 2 decades. Freddie Mac's $59B haul was the smallest since 2014
by Matt Carter May 3
Fannie and Freddie keep building capital reserves as profits shrink
By one measure, the mortgage giants have built up two-thirds of the reserves needed for them to be released from government conservatorship
by Matt Carter Feb 27
Mortgage giants Fannie and Freddie battened down the hatches in Q3
Fannie and Freddie remain profitable but are setting aside pots of money to cover future losses in the event that falling home prices drive up defaults
by Matt Carter Nov 8
Freddie Mac posts healthy profit despite big drop in mortgage volume
The mortgage giant generated more than $2.5B profit and grew its mortgage portfolio despite dramatic declines in new purchase loans and refinancing
by Matt Carter Jul 28
Strong Fannie, Freddie results set the stage for debate over their future
Mortgage giants benefited from rising home prices and a surge in refinancings prompted by falling interest rates
by Matt Carter Aug 3