Justice Department says a GE subsidiary misrepresented the quality of its loans and fraud controls it had in place
by Jim Dalrymple II | Apr 12
Nearly half of income-based loans the bank issued after it relaxed requirements defaulted, according to US Attorney
by Patrick Kearns | Aug 2
If a bank can swipe a loan, it earns money for the new loan and the re-creation of the servicing contract
by Lou Barnes | Oct 28
New York Supreme Court Appellate Division upholds settlement from 2011
by Amy Tankersley | Mar 10
Report: Goal of increasing private sector's participation in mortgage markets remains undefined
by Inman | Jul 16
Commentary: Fears of overheating economy or Fed tightening are mostly imagined
by Lou Barnes | May 24
Commentary: Agreement on the real story of the meltdown needed to restore credit
by Lou Barnes | Feb 8
Government alleges ratings agency delayed updates to analytical models
by Inman | Feb 5
ACLU: Morgan Stanley's incentives to subprime loan originator violated fair lending laws
by Inman | Oct 16
Demand for purchase loans up 5 percent from year ago
by Inman | Sep 27
Commentary: Mortgage surcharges let lawmakers keep pledges not to raise taxes
by Ken Harney | Sep 11
Despite record low rates, demand for purchase loans down from last year
by Inman | Jun 7
Banks have stepped up purchase of securities that fund loans
by Inman | May 10
Lenders shielded from claims associated with original loan
by Inman | Oct 24
Rates for home loans stay at or near record lows
by Inman | Sep 22