Purchase loan applications once again at lowest level since 1995
Mortgage rates are climbing back toward 2023 highs as more inflation data comes in hot, spurring fears of another Federal Reserve rate hike in November and 'higher for longer' policy
by Matt Carter Sep 6
Rating agencies issue more cautions about banking industry
It's not just regional banks but larger lenders, such as JPMorgan and Bank of America facing uncertainty if interest rates stay higher for longer, analysts at Fitch and Moody's said
by Matt Carter Aug 15
Purchase mortgage demand up 4th week in a row as rates fall
Without adjustment for seasonal factors, demand for both purchase loans and refinancing remains at their lowest levels since 2000, according to MBA lender survey
by Matt Carter Nov 30
Demand for mortgages hits lowest level in more than 20 years
High mortgage rates, challenging affordability and a gloomier economic outlook are keeping buyers on the sidelines, Mortgage Bankers Association forecaster Joel Kan said
by Matt Carter Aug 17
Fed's biggest rate hike in 28 years might not further impact mortgages
After bond market sell-off Friday and Monday, investors take Fed's 75 basis-point rate hike in stride. 'The Fed managed to hint at today's move,' said the COO of 1 capital markets advisory firm
by Matt Carter Jun 15
Mortgage rates trend up again: Investors weigh Fed's next moves
Aggregate demand for mortgages, both purchase and refinancing, at lowest level since December 2018, as bottom falls out of refinancing market
by Matt Carter Jun 1