Jim's Stories

Instant Closing Disclosure uses technology to automate parts of the closing process, potentially allowing them to happen faster and with greater efficiency
Sep 17
The rebranding is part of the company's ongoing efforts to modernize its logos and imagery
Sep 16
Marki Lemons-Ryhal and Katie Lance both said Tuesday that agents should post original content on social media and resist the urge to just share listings
Sep 15
Agents Sue Pinky Benson and Brad McCallum on Tuesday shared how they turned video into a pivotal part of their business
Sep 15
Ryan Schneider said this week that digital real estate experiences are becoming more common, but in general, people still want to physically experience properties before buying
Sep 15
The Realogy CEO would like to see a more diverse group of agents and brokers in the US, which he believes would also help improve executive level diversity
Sep 15
ReLEASE lets homeowners sell their houses, then lease them back for an indefinite period of time
Sep 15
Property owners and managers are having good times this summer and fall, but surging demand has also forced the industry to figure out what the market rate for a unit ought to be
Sep 14