Jim's Stories

Many agents entered real estate during a moment of unprecedented growth. Veteran team leaders at Connect Now shared their tips on how to guide agents through a market that isn't as strong
May 19
The technology should bring transactions closer to the 'click-to-close' experience many real estate players have been chasing for years. It is available in 3 states with plans of expansion
May 19
Boies, who has represented Al Gore, Harvey Weinstein and failed medical startup Theranos, told Inman he took the case because it's 'important to enhancing competition in housing markets'
May 16
The Biden administration is considering forgiving student loan debt, which could mean more money in the pockets of millions of would-be homebuyers. But it's still a tough market.
May 13
Chief Financial Officer Kristen Ankerbrandt will leave the company in September, while Greg Hart will become Compass' new chief operating officer
May 12
Compass agents did 47,367 deals between January and March of 2022, which represents a new high for the brokerage, according to a Q1 earnings call on Thursday
May 12
The building in Surfside, Florida, crumbled nearly a year ago, killing 98 people. A new settlement will provide payments to victims and their families
May 12
The ‘engineering visionary’ who also worked at Slack, Zynga and Cisco Systems, will help guide Compass during a period of rapid growth
May 9