Agents are evolving to face disruption, and if they can continue to do so successfully, I think we’ll see a fragmented iBuyer field as part of a broader, complex sales environment
by Raj Purohit | Sep 25
The conglomerate has bet big on disrupting real estate, but what if the fundamental assumptions underpinning the bet are wrong?
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As evidenced at the KW Family Reunion, every agent, both Keller Williams and not, needs to be integrating tech into every facet of their business — now
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3 stories, four leaders and the messages conveyed by the retention or recruitment of those leaders
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When the conclusion of this story is written, the winners and losers of the great real estate industry change will include some very familiar companies
by Raj Purohit | Jan 28
What should the individual agent do when confronted with the swirl of funding and iBuyer activity and talk of massive change within the industry?
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Economic opportunity and political safeguard make it an attractive place to put your money
by Raj Purohit | Feb 24