Home values grew by 0.41% month over month in April, and in May that metric dropped to 0.35% — the largest one-month slowdown in more than a year
by Lillian Dickerson | Jun 18
Apartment List's latest migration report reveals renters are still interested in moving to New York City and other coronavirus hotspots once the pandemic ends
by Marian McPherson | Apr 28
Two single moms and one aspiring musician share how escalating rent costs pushed them to buy and build equity instead
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A lack of affordable for-sale housing is 'placing pressure' on the rental market and driving up rent, according to Apartment Guide's Rent Report 2020
by Marian McPherson | Feb 25
Oakland, Scottsdale and St. Paul are attracting more renters than their larger counterparts thanks to a more affordable cost of living
by Marian McPherson | Jan 23
Over the past decade, the median rent has increased by more than 80% in Austin, Texas, according to a new Zillow study released Friday
by Marian McPherson | Dec 13
Slower home price growth, low mortgage rates and millennial-backed housing trends are all in the cards, according to Zillow’s 2020 predictions, released Tuesday
by Marian McPherson | Dec 10
Growth slowed in 20 of the 35 largest markets, including Seattle, Tampa, Sacramento and Portland
by Marian McPherson | Aug 31
Young people are illegally living in industrial buildings, putting their health and safety at risk
by Marian McPherson | Aug 27
The 10% year-over-year drop in inventory is driving home prices up
by Marian McPherson | Jan 18
'Renting has clearly become the lesser of two housing affordability evils in many major population centers'
by Marian McPherson | Jan 11
So renters keep signing leases
by Marian McPherson | Oct 5
From June to July, rent increased a meager $1
by Marian McPherson | Aug 4
The rental market is benefiting from a record year of new apartment construction
by Marian McPherson | Jul 13
Want to live in a hip metro? It's still expensive to be that cool
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