Homeownering.com aims to level the playing field for female homebuyers
Site provides step-by-step advice, scripts and digital tools for better mortgage and homeownership preparation
by Gill South Apr 17
A laughing young woman on her computer
Homeownering.com offers mortgage management and homeownership tools to consumers
by Amy Tankersley Dec 7
Realogy now accepting applications for FWD Innovation Summit
This year's winner will receive $25,000 and placement in Realogy's ZAPStore
by Marian McPherson Mar 8
Tactile Finance adds new features to mortgage loan visualization tools
Companies can show borrowers how their mortgages will adjust over time, compare different loan products
by Amy Tankersley Dec 14
Tactile Finance finds opportunity in CFPB’s PMI bulletin
Web-based tool lets borrowers know exactly when to expect their lenders to stop charging them for private mortgage insurance
by Amy Tankersley Aug 19
Tactile Finance provides homeowners with a '360-degree view' of their mortgages
Web-based tech product helps consumers understand the most important asset in their portfolio
by Amy Tankersley Jun 17