Marketing doesn't just come from online platforms and social media. Some of the most important things you need can be found nearby
by Teresa Boardman Mar 14
Under the Clear Cooperation Policy, a listing can be 'withheld' from the MLS and become an office-exclusive listing
by Teresa Boardman Mar 2
It is the little things that happen every day that cause distrust and the accusation that Realtors are not professional enough. Here's how to make things better
by Teresa Boardman Feb 10
If you want to use the ChatGPT chatbot for marketing, you need to be aware of its limitations and potential drawbacks
by Teresa Boardman Jan 27
Sometimes quitting is the right thing to do. Having a plan first is a good idea — but not required
by Teresa Boardman Jan 13
You've got 365 days to work with in 2023. Whatever your circumstances, that adds up to (at least) 365 opportunities in the coming year
by Teresa Boardman Jan 11
An inclusive organization values all members for who they are, not just what they look like, how much money they make or how much power they hold
by Teresa Boardman Dec 23
Do you ever wish HGTV showed the reality of real estate? Most of us are selling regular homes to the average American, and the reality is not always picture perfect
by Teresa Boardman Dec 13
Flexibility and agility are always useful for independent contractors. Obtaining your brokers license during your downtime gives you more professional options
by Teresa Boardman Nov 3
We can all ignore elections as being 'political' but that won’t make them go away. No adult who is old enough to vote is above politics
by Teresa Boardman Oct 24
Housing fills a basic human need, so why is proptech being used to enrich the few rather than to benefit the many?
by Teresa Boardman Oct 13
Whether you're creating a new blog post, a YouTube video or content for your social media channels, these topics are designed to help you fill your listing pipeline
by Teresa Boardman Sep 26
There are many reasons a past client or current friend may not reach out to you as their real estate agent. Don't take it personally
by Teresa Boardman Sep 13
Forget the memes. If you've been around real estate for any length of time, you know that the only thing you can expect is the unexpected
by Teresa Boardman Sep 1
Sometimes real estate agents don't seem able to break away from the script and listen to what potential clients really want and need
by Teresa Boardman Aug 18