How luxury clients may be impacted by Biden's wealth tax proposal
The 'Billionaire Minimum Income Tax,' as outlined in Biden's proposal, would require households worth more than $100M to pay a tax of at least 20% on both their income and any unrealized gains — including real estate
by Lillian Dickerson Mar 29
A year of relocation: Where luxury buyers moved in 2020
A new report from Coldwell Banker sheds light on where the wealthy moved this year, why they relocated and what they're looking for in a home
by Lillian Dickerson Oct 27
28% of people who moved this year did so to avoid catching COVID-19
According to MyMove, another 20% moved to be with family, while 18 percent cited financial reasons, including job loss
by Lillian Dickerson Oct 14
The majority of young adults now live at home with their parents
For the first time since the Great Depression, the majority of young adults are living with their parents, according to a Pew Research Center analysis of US Census Bureau data
by Lillian Dickerson Sep 17
4 types of buzz-building content for real estate
Have a little fun, and provide value to your readers using these digital forms of engagement
by Campbell Jof Dec 16