Fidelity's attempt to buy Stewart Information Services fell apart after the Federal Trade Commission said it would oppose the deal
by Jim Dalrymple II Sep 10
Here's how to talk to your clients about this closing expense
by Steve Cook Nov 1
Bill that rolled back title insurance industry regulations passed Senate, but failed to make it through assembly
by Patrick Kearns Jun 25
In the past two years, title insurance and transaction services company also bought CINC, Real Geeks and a majority stake in SkySlope
by Emma Hinchliffe Mar 19
State insurance division passes regulation prohibiting title insurance providers from entering into MSAs with real estate and other settlement service partners
by Amy Tankersley Aug 31
Bankrate surveyed up to 10 lenders in each state to find the average cost of closing fees
by Kimberly Manning Aug 12
OneTitle analyzed 182,487 individual real estate transactions to study title insurance premiums and fees
by Kimberly Manning Jun 29
The organization will offer regulatory compliance education services to brokers and agents
by Amy Tankersley Feb 29
It's protection for all kinds of situations you might not think could happen to your buyer
by Wade Vander Molen Sep 10
Former, Coldwell Banker and Prudential exec to deliver on WFG technology promise
by Inman Sep 2
American Land Title Association holds Facebook ‘town hall’ to give glimpse into what closings will look like after Oct. 3
by Amy Tankersley Jul 28
Reader questions whether an owner’s policy on a new build is worth the expense
by Amy Tankersley Jun 4
Reader question brings up one of biggest misconceptions about title insurance
by Amy Tankersley May 29
Leaders across real estate industry urge CFPB to implement ‘hold-harmless’ period for liability under new regs
by Amy Tankersley May 26
New York State Department of Financial Services superintendent resigns, but he’s shining a light on ‘shadow docket’ of foreclosure actions clogging up courts
by Amy Tankersley May 22