2023 fall outlook: A cooler season roiled by homebuyer-seller friction
Commissions will take a hit from the seasonal real estate transaction fall-off. But unlike last year, home price growth may gain steam, according to an Intel analysis of housing market projections
by Daniel Houston Sep 13
Buying a home is hard. For first-timers, it's never been tougher
Homes in the lower tier of pricing are still 8% more expensive than at this time last year — and inventory has barely budged, according to a new analysis released Thursday by Zillow
by Daniel Houston Apr 20
The 7-day home sale is a rarity again as market slowdown continues
The median home for sale is spending 45% longer on the market than it was at this time last year, according to Zillow's research team
by Daniel Houston Oct 31
Zillow's US home-value estimate drops for 2nd consecutive month
Zillow has lowered its assessment of home values nationwide as the market continues to muddle through an ongoing slowdown in real estate
by Daniel Houston Sep 19
What are the odds of a housing bubble? 114 experts weigh in
More than 100 housing experts surveyed by Zillow generally agreed that housing prices won't face a big downturn. But a mild recession may be in play later this year or in 2023, they believe
by Daniel Houston Jun 7
Buyers are still fighting hard, despite costly home payments
The monthly mortgage payment on a typical home is more than 50% pricier than it would have been a year ago, according to Zillow's research team, yet competition remains fierce
by Daniel Houston May 19
Homebuyers descend upon a key battleground: the suburbs
The pandemic-era home market has been marked by frenzied competition among buyers. But one arena in particular has been hardest-fought
by Daniel Houston May 18
First rule of housing bubbles? Don't talk about them, economist warns
Zillow Senior Economist Jeff Tucker is skeptical that a housing bubble is looming, but he worries such talk could hurt future buyers in need of homebuilders to continue producing new inventory
by Daniel Houston May 16
Mortgage payments shoot past their 2007 highs — and at faster pace
Rising home prices don't always mean higher monthly payments. But as the pandemic-era market wears on, buyers are increasingly feel the squeeze
by Daniel Houston Feb 25
Rising rents are making it harder to save for a home
Meanwhile homeowners are getting a better deal, according to research from Zillow
by Gill South Nov 30
Zillow: Millennials and communities of color facing challenges
Research featuring Zestimates and TransUnion data indicates disproportionate hardship for some demographics
by Marian McPherson Jan 12
Climate change could sink two million homes by 2100, Zillow says
Environmental scientists anticipate sea levels to rise six feet this century
by Jennifer Riner Aug 5
Foreclosure home values skyrocket since recession
Zillow reveals foreclosed homes across the US have rebounded much faster than the overall rate
by Jennifer Riner Jul 18