After selling houses for 50 years, Realtor still won't take weekends off

Milford, Pa.-based Realtor Davis R. Chant has been selling real estate for 50 years — founding a 100-agent brokerage and a Realtor association along the way — and at age 75, rarely takes a day off, the Pocono Record’s Beth Brelje reports.

“I still work seven days a week, with some days working in the office and others taking a phone call or some emails at home,” Chant says. “That’s how it is with most Realtors.”

To commemorate his 40 years as a member of the National Association of Realtors, Chant was recently granted “Realtor emeritus” status, which means he’ll no longer have to pay annual dues.

Starting next year, NAR members will not only need to put in 40 years to qualify for a dues waiver, but have at least one year of service as a NAR officer, director, committee member, federal political coordinator, president’s liaison or regional coordinator to a country with which NAR has a reciprocal agreement. Source: