Agent helps police nab suspect in open house prescription drug thefts

Wichita police say an alert real estate agent helped them arrest a man suspected of stealing prescription drugs from the medicine cabinets of open houses by keeping her cool when he showed up at an open house she was staffing.

Lori Touchatt told KAKE news that she was on the lookout for the man because the Wichita Area Association of Realtors had sent out a warning, and a co-worker had actually encountered the man the week before.

When the suspect showed up, Touchatt discreetly texted her husband and the owner of the home, asking them to call 911. When the 911 operator called her, Touchatt — who was alone in the house with the suspect — pretended she was talking to a potential buyer so she would not spook the man. She even asked him if he was prequalified for a mortgage.

When police arrested the man a block away from the house, they found a bottle of prescription narcotics that was allegedly stolen from the home. Source: