Realtors' education, professional designations tied to income

SAN FRANCISCO — There’s a clear link between Realtors’ educational attainment and income level, NAR economist Jessica Lautz said today during a panel discussion at the trade association’s annual conference. Realtor incomes are up for the second year in a row following nine years of declines, and NAR data show members with advanced educations benefiting the most.

California Association of Realtors economist Selma Hepp said Realtors with bachelor’s degrees netted a 12 percent increase in income on average over those without a degree, and those graduate degrees netted a 23 percent increase in income. Hepp said professional certifications or designations are also correlated with higher income — NAR data show the median income of Realtors with at least one designation was $61,100 compared with $33,500 for those without a designation.

According to NAR, 36 percent of Realtors with a bachelor’s degree grossed between $35,000 and $100,000, compared with 31 percent of Realtors with a high school degree or less. Source: