Coin your own real estate lingo for fun and profit

#madREskillz: 'Parcel mullets,' pool team meetings, Pinterest best practices and more

Editor’s note: Below is a recap of this week’s #madREskillz, a weekly Twitter contest where real estate professionals and companies tweet offbeat management strategies and marketing tactics using the hashtag #madREskillz. After reviewing entries and retweeting many in the process, we put two finalists to a vote on Facebook and then write a profile on the winner. 

Ever heard of a “parcel mullet”? Allow us to clue you in.

“A ‘parcel mullet’ refers to the phenomenon of having a well-manicured short lawn in the front yard, but a wild long yard in the back,” reads the Sacramento Appraisal Blog, which offers no shortage of creative content.

We can say the same for So Cal Life, which brought attention to a Pinterest board that features many real estate-themed memes (see Ned Stark’s insider tip above).

If you’re hungry for other ideas, consult a post tweeted by AdWerx. It lays out seven thoughtful blueprints for Pinterest boards.

Also consider adopting Infill Nashville’s approach to team meetings: Convert them into pool parties.

Scroll down to see other recent #madREskillz entries, and be sure to vote for a winner on our Facebook page!2

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