Lead 'nurturing' platform offered as stand-alone software

Conversations by Zurple can take leads directly from Zillow, Trulia

Zurple is now making its lead conversion platform available to agents for $49 a month as a stand-alone software package, without requiring that they buy leads from the company.

The new offering, “Conversations by Zurple,” integrates with Zillow and Trulia to handle leads from the portals, and includes intelligent lead management and incubation capabilities that automate the process of responding to initial client inquiries and “nurturing” leads over time.

The platform is designed to send out personalized automated messages to all new prospects within five minutes that a lead enters the system, and follow up with personalized messages that include relevant real estate data like price changes and insights into local market conditions tailored to clients’ interests.

“We understand that every agent has a different marketing plan and a different budget,” Robert Schulte, CEO of Zurple, said in a statement announcing the launch of Conversations by Zurple. “With the introduction of an affordable solution for Zillow and Trulia customers, Zurple can provide cutting-edge, effective lead management solutions to more agents than ever before.”