• Autonomous and transforming cars will change how we get around.
  • Drones, high-tech cameras and 4-D virtual reality will change how homes are marketed and shown.
  • Jeans and other wearables will change how we interact with our environments.

Hacker Connect January 16 in New York
An event for and by the real estate tech community

Your mobile device, digital signatures and social media have already brought about dramatic changes in the real estate industry. Stefan Swanepoel, a bestselling author and CEO of RealSure, Inc., gave Realtors at the recent Triple Play Conference a glimpse of how emerging technologies will reshape the real estate industry of tomorrow. Below, you’ll find eight emerging technologies that may soon reshape real estate as we know it. 1. Google’s Projects Ara and FI: Customize your phone, not just your apps Google’s Project Ara seeks to deliver the mobile Internet to the 5 billion people who do not currently own a smartphone. Unlike today’s smartphones, which have a static base unit for which you purchase apps, Ara starts with an “endoskeleton,” the structural base of the...