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Brace yourself for some ARM pain
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National home prices approach 10-year high
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Florida foreclosures continue to drop by the masses
State sees 57,000 completed foreclosures in the 12-month period ending in July
by Jennifer Riner | on Sep 19, 2016
CoreLogic: NY July foreclosure report
As of July, the NYC metro area ranked highest in the country in completed foreclosures and inventory
by Jennifer Riner | on Sep 19, 2016
Don’t let student loan debt kill your clients’ dreams
Refinancing is available and can help borrowers finance a bigger mortgage
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Can you explain down payments to clients?
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No rate hike this week -- no drop, either
Despite income growth, the Federal Reserve won't raise rates this month
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CoreLogic: Illinois July foreclosure report
Chicago saw over 6,000 foreclosures in the past year, CoreLogic says
by Jennifer Riner | on Sep 16, 2016
CoreLogic: Texas July foreclosure report
Everything is bigger in Texas – including its inventory of completed foreclosures
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CoreLogic: DC July foreclosure report
Despite a healthier frequency in the metro area, the District itself suffers from high foreclosure rates
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CoreLogic: California July foreclosure report
High foreclosure volume doesn't always mean a high rate in large states like California
by Jennifer Riner | on Sep 16, 2016
Freddie Mac hosting Chicago foreclosure tour September 17
Homebuying fair includes a complimentary tour and informational session
by Jennifer Riner | on Sep 15, 2016