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Google your way to maximum real estate exposure

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Do you know how to Google? Here are 15 nifty and little-known ways to impress your clients, check out your competitors or enrich your own personal searches on the Web's most powerful search engine. 1. Got competitors? Reveal their identities by clicking the "GoogleScout" button from your own Web site. Google will display links to your listed competitors' Web pages through this feature. The button can be downloaded from Google tools at 2. Search keywords within a specific Web site. For example, type "site: Austin" into the Google search bar and you'll get a direct link to the Austin, Texas, page of 3. Need directions to a property address? Get a map by typing the address into Google without commas. For example, enter "430 N Michigan Ave Chicago" and you'll get links to street maps of the National Association of Realtors' headquarters. 4. Search for file types. If you're looking for a PDF file with "housing" in the title, type "Housing file...