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Texas title cos. band together

Independents form alliance in hopes of competing

Three independent title companies in Texas have formed a partnership they hope will allow them to maintain their independence while remaining competitive in an industry characterized by national companies consistently absorbing independent ones.   The Texas companies will operate under the same banner as AmeriPoint Title and will share such costs as advertising. However, each company will remain independently owned and operated and able to make decisions on its own.   "It's a vehicle to give us not necessarily a competitive edge, but to allow us to compete on a more level playing field," said Allen Shindler, president of AmeriPoint Houston, formerly Lawyers Title Company of Houston.   Hear what Allen Shindler has to say about AmeriPoint Title.   AmeriPoint is an intriguing concept because parts of the title industry are dominated by a few large companies. Market concentration makes it difficult for independently owned title companies to compete, and many have been ...