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Computers can spy on real estate agents

Online infiltration leaves passwords vulnerable to theft

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(Part 2 of a three-part series. See Parts 1 and 3.) If you think viruses, worms and spam are a problem, what you're about to read is genuinely frightening. There's high probability that every time you click on a Web site, send an e-mail or provide information through secure Web sites someone is watching what you are doing. Last week's column looked at seven strategies to protect yourself from viruses, worms and spam. Today's column looks at a much more serious problem that can cause extraordinary problems for real estate professionals. Fortunately, I have never had my hard drive crash nor have I had a virus since "Happy 99." For the last eight weeks, however, every time I opened my browser an irritating ad from "Microsoft Internet Explorer" would pop up in spite of two programs that were supposed to be blocking pop-ups. If I visited multiple sites, a new ad would pop up at each new URL I visited. The problem slowed my computer down tremendously and caused a host of problems load...