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Mobile technology helps real estate agents find themselves

Mapping becoming available on cell phones, PDAs

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SAN FRANCISCO – You're driving through a neighborhood on the way to a property, and your client falls in love. "Look at that house with the 'For Sale' sign. Do you know anything about it?" You grab your Web-enabled cell phone or PDA and make a call, then turn to the client. "It's a three-bedroom, two-bath home on the market for $215,000." This scenario is a reality for folks in parts of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and San Diego, Calif., thanks to a company that makes listings more accessible to consumers. Two providers of mobile mapping solutions, along with a real estate agent with a "mobile office," addressed mobile technologies on a panel at Real Estate Connect 2005 Thursday. Brad Blumberg, CEO of Philadelphia-based Smarter Agent, the aforementioned company, John Pinto, a Realtor with Pinto & Associates, and Matt Gross, senior manager of product development for MapQuest Business Solutions, addressed the issues at Connect. The conference focuses on innovations and n...