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Homeowners offer housing to stranded Katrina victims

Grassroots volunteer groups meet online

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While millions of people are turning to the Web to get the latest information on the damage from Hurricane Katrina, thousands more are using the Web to reach out to those in need. Message boards and Web sites are filling up with offers from homeowners who say they're willing to take in families and individuals now homeless in the wake of Katrina. Officials estimate that hundreds of thousands of people are now without a home after the storm. "Our family of five will take in up to four people, preferably a family," read one posting from Southeastern Ohio on, a Web site dedicated to New Orleans. "I would like to open my home to a family with children. I am a kind, loving, Christian woman with a husband and children. I will even provide transportation to my home in York, S.C. God Bless you all. Please let me help you!" another message volunteered. Many of the homeowners posting messages on say they are willing to house people for two or three months while they rebuild the...