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Age, gender not predictive of real estate success

Part 2: New study reveals traits of winning newbies

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(This is Part 2 of a three-part series. See Part 1 and Part 3.) What are the factors that influence real estate success in Rookie Realtors? An important new study has the answers. Last week we looked at the assessments used to determine what it takes to succeed during an agent's first year in real estate. Is there an ideal profile for a new agent? When it comes to the demographic data, the answer is a surprising, "No." Study participants In the summer of 2005, 175 agents from different companies and geographical regions in the U.S. participated in the study. Each agent was asked to take the Real Estate Simulator, the DISC and the PIAV. Participants also completed a survey that included information on age, sex, length of time in the business, number of listings taken, number of listings closed, number of closed transactions, commissions earned, hours worked per week, and whether the agent's company offered an in-house new agent training program. Demographic Results Age Fifteen perc...