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Web site monitoring tool enables specific ad tracking

VisiStat launches AdCaM to analytics services

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Real estate companies using VisiStat to track their Web analytics can now target Web clicks from specific marketing campaigns through new functionality the company has added, according to an announcement today. The new AdCaM feature enables users to create campaign URLs for tracking specific advertising promotions, such as individual e-mail campaigns, banner ads, pay-per-click advertising and press campaigns. The URLs can then be used in any promotion, and VisiStat will track that identifier and generate usage reports VisiStat is a San Jose, Calif.-based Web analytics firm focused on analytic services tailored for the small to mid sized business market. The technology enables companies to track their online marketing spend to see what's directing traffic to their sites and netting a return on advertising investment. AdCaM is an add-on module to VisiStat's core service, and is fully integrated with VisiStat's other Web analytic services. For more information visit *** Se...