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Social networking sites provide marketing opportunities

Part 3: More people engaging in real estate discussions online

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Editor's note: In the early days of the Web, not many people were adding content on their own. But that is quickly changing with more community-focused and social networking sites popping up and more people writing blogs. In this three-part report we explore how more people are adding their own real estate content and discussions onto the Internet, what they are talking about and what's motivating them. (Read Part 1 and Part 2.) Atlanta Realtor Rachel Watson, a self-described "artsy person" who belongs to, says about 20 percent of her real estate business in 2005 came from the social networking site. "It's a way I can advertise my listings to a community that is interested in that kind of property," Watson said. Watson belongs to real estate, yoga, belly dance, sign language and arts-oriented discussion groups on Tribe. She mentions her real estate listings on whichever of those groups seems most appropriate. "For example, I'm an artsy person myself, so I participate in...