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The new era of real estate search

Part 1: What is vertical search?

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Editor's note: Real estate search has entered a new phase with the emergence of applications that narrow the hunt for consumers, pool from multiple sources, and enable consumers to search without having to register at a broker site to gain access. In this four-part series, we examine the latest tools and how they're impacting where brokers market properties and how consumers find them. (See Part 2 and Part 3.) "Vertical search" has quickly become the real estate buzz term for 2006 and a panel of industry participants peeled back the buzz Tuesday to give concrete examples of what this means for the real estate industry and consumers. "Vertical search is really just a more refined and specialized way to find content in a certain category," said Jamie Glenn, director of product management at Yahoo! Real Estate. Glenn pointed to Yahoo! Real Estate as an example of a vertical search application within the real estate industry where consumers can go to browse homes for sale. Ninety per...