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The local drilldown: New way to find local biz online

TrueLocal search engine lists local businesses, including real estate

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Roll up your Internet browsing sleeves and think local. There's a new search engine on the Web with roots in your hometown. TrueLocal, which launched in November 2005, has a different take on local search, leading Internet surfers only to listings for brick-and-mortar businesses in their areas. The search application could prove useful for people who are relocating and researching neighborhood businesses and real estate professionals. "Real estate is actually one of our top 10 searched categories," said Jake Baille, president of Toronto-based TrueLocal. The site does not index property listings, but it does show real estate brokerages and agents in the Web searcher's location, and offers advertising opportunities for those agents and companies. The local search application differs from major search portals such as Google and Yahoo! by starting with local information on businesses, such as address and telephone number, then crawling the Web looking for references to that business. Bai...