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‘Everything old is new again’

Baby boomers shape future housing trends by location, lifestyle

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. – You've probably heard the term "halfback" in football – an offensive player who lines the backfield and carries the ball on run plays. An emerging housing trend among seniors has given "halfback" a new meaning. Senior housing insiders use the term to describe retirees who moved to Florida from northern states, then relocated halfway back to the Carolinas because they found Florida's weather too hot or the state too crowded, industry figures say. "North Carolina is fifth in the country in getting other states' retirees," says Dan Owens, senior housing consultant for builders and towns, Carolina's Active Retirement Association. Florida has always been the "800-pound gorilla" of retirement destinations, but that's changing now. North and South Carolina combined now receive more relocating retirees than Florida, Owens said. That's just one difference between today's aging baby boomer and yesterday's seniors, known as the G.I. Generation. Don't bother looking...