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Print struggles for share in online real estate

Part 1: Real estate advertising rides new tidal wave

Editor's note: This three-part series examines structural changes within the classifieds industry, obstacles newspapers have to overcome to stay in the game, and what some publications are doing to differentiate  themselves and to build a heavier online footprint with real estate. (See Part 2 and Part 3.) A couple meeting with their Realtor to discuss selling their home asks, "Which newspapers will our home appear in?" The Realtor doesn't address the specific question, but instead replies that 54 percent more people today use the Internet over newspapers to look for homes. The agent says that she'll use multiple photos and detailed information in the home's online listing, which will appear on at least four Web sites, and says the brokerage company partners with leading search engines to ensure greater exposure. The situation appears in a 30-second television commercial developed by NRT for it's more than 1,000 company-owned real estate offices operating under the banners of...