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Fragmented ad market opens new possibilities

Part 2: Real estate advertising rides new tidal wave

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Editor's note: This three-part series examines structural changes within the classifieds industry, obstacles newspapers have to overcome to stay in the game, and what some publications are doing to differentiate  themselves and to build a heavier online footprint with real estate. (See Part 1 and Part 3.) Newspaper, car and local real estate agent armed with MLS property sheets. These used to be essential gear for home shoppers. Not long ago that essential gear changed to home computer and high-speed Internet access, and thus a plethora of online real estate options was born. Print classifieds businesses, once the go-to point for all real estate advertising, now face challenges as they struggle to stay relevant and maintain market share. In just a few years the number of online classified services has mushroomed, creating a fragmented market with new business models. Some newspapers are jumping in and forming online partnerships to beef up their listings databases, and maint...