Realtor builds virtual community for Ohio neighbors

Part 3: Online communities build buzz for real estate biz

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Editor's note: Real estate agents are learning that online community sites can be useful in reaching their target audience. Agents can use community Web sites to raise awareness about their services and drum up local business, while consumers can use the sites to rate, review, recommend and reach agents in their desired locations. This three-part series uncovers how a few savvy agents are using these sites and building their own. (See Part 1 and Part 2.) With an eye towards maintaining local connections in the online world, Cleveland-area Realtor Dave Crockett has given his Lake County, Ohio, community a virtual sister at a community blog site called Crockett's new venture enables his real estate company to stay front and center on a local Web site, while connecting other aspects of the community like schools, nonprofits and sports groups. While online communities MySpace and Flickr have brought together people from across the globe, the Lake County Blog aims to co...